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Wart Removal Treatments

plantar warts wart removal

Even Stubborn Warts Can Be Safely Removed
If you have tried treating warts on your own, you may know how frustrating it can be to get rid of them. Warts are a viral infection of the skin and there are many different ways to treat them.

If you have a wart that is not responding to your treatment, Foot and Ankle Associates of New Mexico (FAANM) may be able to offer some better options to help you!

About Warts
A wart is caused by a virus that gets into the skin. It is a viral infection. Warts are a common nuisance worldwide. They are most common in childhood with some studies reporting them in 5-30% of children and young adults. They can occur, however, at any age and even in adults, especially those who are immuno-compromised.

Warts often pop up seemingly overnight and can occur anywhere on the skin. They can increase in pain, especially when located on the bottom of the foot when weight bearing causes them to develop a thick callus over them.

Plantar is a medical term referring to the bottom of the foot. A plantar wart is one that occurs on the bottom of the foot. These types of warts tend to have dead tissue buildup and are typically more painful.

Warts can be present in a dormant stage and not be painful. Those may suddenly become activated and become sore. They can also multiply and produce a large lesion, or a cluster of separate lesions.

Warts should always be treated to get rid of the viral infection, especially if they are creating pain when doing your daily activities.

Wart Treatment
HOME -- There are several Over-the-Counter (OTC) treatments that many people may try first to get rid of warts. These include topical acid therapy and now liquid nitrogen treatments. These home cures can be painful if they are not used correctly. Because of the variation in how they are used they are often not successful in eliminating the problem.

PHYSICIAN --There are several treatments physician may use to remove warts including:

  • Chemical removal -- Stronger than OTC acids
  • Surgical removal -- Physically cutting out the infected area
  • Cryosurgery -- Directed cold therapy to kill the virus
  • Laser removal -- Carefully directed laser therapy to kill the virus

laser wart removal

Laser Wart Removal
Laser wart removal is a highly successful option. FAANM's laser removal surgery is a non-invasive procedure that can be done in our office, quickly and conveniently. Laser treatment is safe and produces a higher rate of success than other methods. Warts sometimes resolve after one treatment. Some lesions may take several treatments before they completely resolve.

Laser surgery works by destroying the tissue that supports the wart's growth. The laser's light energy is concentrated that it creates heat at the target point. Typically is local anesthetic is used to reduce any pain from the heat of the laser. Because the focus of the laser heat is very specific, it rarely produces any scarring or changes in skin pigmentation.

Laser removal option is especially effective for warts that are not responding to over-the-counter treatments, physician office chemical treatments, are large or widespread, or need to be removed during pregnancy.

The billing code for the destruction of a wart (wart removal) is "by any means," including laser. The cost per treatment is the same and any other treatment for wart destruction. This procedure is typically covered by most insurances, subject to deductibles and co-pays that your insurance plan may assign.

An evaluation is the first step to determine if your problem is really a wart or something else and to discuss all possible treatment options, including laser. Please call to schedule an appointment for evaluation

Foot and Ankle Associates of New Mexico has a laser on site and we are happy to offer this as a treatment option but we require a physician evaluation of your problem before scheduling a laser treatment.

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